Hello I’m Charlie Leigh. I’m originally from London but have now relocated to sunny Blackpool. Back home I studied fine art and photography at Havering College but left to pursue a life of ink. I started my journey in the trendy East London where as a apprentice I had much support from friends family and wonderful clients. As the years went past I have had the absolute pleasure of bringing many unique and exciting tattoos to life on skin and hope to continue for many years to come.

I’m happy to try any and all tattoos no matter the size, style or idea. No piece is ever to big or to small. I personally love black and grey but won’t turn down the opportunity to work with colour, especially if it is watercolour.

Despite my colourful appearance, in my spare time I’m a horror and fantasy fanatic whether that’s book, movies or games. My passion for the dark side has leaned over into my art career and can been seen in a lot of my personal art pieces which are all available for on my big cartel page for my fellow monster lovers.

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